Recycled Companions -Final Blog May 12, 2011

DOG LOG BLOG – 12 MAY, 2011"Adopt Jessup from CASPCA"

Entry #6  Author:  Jessup (photo on right) Plot Hound/Male/Available for Companionship

Hi Everybody! I’m Jessup! I’m a very shy boy (yet I had no problem pushing the other dogs aside to write this blog).  I’m looking for a quiet home and I do like other dogs (even though I pushed them aside to write this blog).  I’m a very beautiful boy with very beautiful, striking markings.  I adore my ears being rubbed.  But enough about me.  I’m hoping the gang will bring me to the Cville Go Green Fest this Saturday from 10-2.  Come and meet my friends (and hopefully me) and we’ll all kick back and enjoy our earth together!  

If I don’t happen to meet you, please visit or come by the shelter to visit me.  Have a great night!  Don’t let the bed bugs bight!

DOG LOG BLOG – 10 MAY, 2011"Toby for adoption at the Charlottesville SPCA"

Entry #5.  Author:  Toby (photo on right) Cool Canine/Male/Available for Companionship

I was out walking today and enjoying the sun and fresh air.  Listening to the birds sing, watching the flowers grow.  I made sound corney, but I LOVE the Earth!  How could you not?  I’m hoping the gang here at the shelter will be taking me out to the Cville Go Green Fest this Saturday so I can let people know how great the Earth is!  I’m also hoping some Earth-loving individual will LOVE ME, adopt me and take me home.

I’m a sweet, calm dog.  One of my favorite pastimes is cuddling and being loved.  How cute am I and how can you resist?  Swing by the Cville Go Green Fest at Snows Garden Center from 10-2 and if I’m not there, ask about Toby.  Thanks for your consideration.



BUNNY LOG BLOG – 9 MAY, 2011"Sabre Bunny at the CASPCA"

Entry #4.  Author: Sabre (photo on right) Itty Bitty Bunny Rabbit/Female/Available for Companionship

I had to bust into the blog.  Too many people believe that Dogs and Cats are the best companions.  Consider ME, a very soft, petite bunny rabbit.  I’m a shy girl but I’m also quiet and clean and OH SO Adorable. I just need someone to love so I can finally feel secure and happy.

Being 100% vegetarian myself, i’d say that I’m more GREEN than anyone, but I won’t be able to come to the Cville Go Green Fest this Saturday to help raise awareness of Eco-Friendly practices.  I’m too little.  BUT I am here at the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA waiting for you to visit me and perhaps take me home!   Hope to see you.

Peace Out…  Sabre


DOG LOG BLOG – 7 MAY, 2011 

Entry #3.  Author “Rose” (photo on right) Coonhound Mix/Female/Available for C"Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA"ompanionship

My name is Rose and I’d love to be your companion.  I am a very pretty girl (if I do say so myself) and I have been told my eyes are gorgeous. I am laid back and very easy to get along with.  I’m a BIG fan of nature… the outdoors… the fresh air and sunshine. 

I’m hoping I’ll get to join my friends next Saturday at the Cville Go Green Fest.  We’ll be looking for new families to scratch behind our ears and perhaps even take us home with them.  I, for one, only leave a tiny carbon paw print.  Are you watching your impact on the earth? 

Hope to see you soon!  Love Rose


DOG LOG BLOG – 4 MAY, 2011  "Adopt Taz from the CASPCA"

Entry #3.  Author “Taz” (photo on right) American PitBull/Siberian Husky/Male/Available for Companionship

Woof.  So glad that the rain has stopped and now I can splash around in puddles.  You see, i’m just a big, playful baby and I’d love some humans to play with.  Who in the world can resist a face like mine????   Take a look at for more information about me and my puppy dog friends – or swing by the shelter and scratch behind my ears!  You know you want to.

I’ve heard that the humans here are Earth-friendly.  Not sure exactly what that means, but I certainly like dirt!  I should fit right in.  I’ll hug a tree (or tinkle on it).  Whatever it takes to be your new best friend.  Come by the Cville Go Green Fest on Saturday May 14th. for more info.

Raz Ma TAZ… catch ya on the flip side!


CAT LOG BLOG – 3 MAY, 2011"Adopt Margot"

Entry #2.  Author “Margot” (photo on right) Domestic Longhair/Female/Available for Companionship

‘Dog Log’ indeed!  I am sure you are a “Cat Person,” are you not?  At any rate, it’s high time felines had their say.  They call me Margot.  You can call me whatever you would like as long as you decide to take me home today. I only require the most basic needs, like food, water, shelter, and love.  In return, I will smother you with hugs and kisses.  Take a look at for more information about me and my feline friends – or swing by the shelter and say hi.

Now, I hate to get on my GREEN soapbox, but I must.  Might I suggest that you start considering the impact you have on this earth?  How can you reduce the trash you produce?  Is there a way you could drive less?  Could you help out with a community clean up event? If you need some guidance or ideas, head over to the Cville Go Green Fest on May 14th at Snow’s Garden Center from 10-2.  Some of my friends from the shelter will be there to greet you and look for new families to adopt them.  Check out for more information.

Please watch for daily entries to this blog from my friends.

I am Margot and I am sleepy.  Thanks for listening.

DOG LOG BLOG – 2 MAY, 2011"Adopt Sally Mae Today Charlottesville"

Entry #1. Author “Sally Mae” (photo on right) Beagle mix/Female/Available for Companionship

It’s a beautiful morning in Charlottesville, VA. Perhaps today will be the day my family will come for me. I snort with glee at the thought. To be a friend, a confidant, a boon companion again would be the key to my ultimate and life-long happiness. Please consider visiting and viewing additional pictures of me or swing by the shelter and say hi.

I would like to inform readers of this dog log blog that I am INDEED an eco-minded canine. I treat our earth with extreme respect. Green is my favorite color and nothing edible will EVER go to waste around me. In fact, the only ‘waste’ I ever leave on this Earth is 100% organic! I hope to see you all at the Cville Go Green Fest on May 14th at Snow’s Garden Center from 10-2 if you don’t visit me beforehand. My friends and I will be there sporting Cville Go Green scarves and looking for Eco-Friendly Families to give us a scratch and consider taking us home. Go to for more information.

Please watch for daily entries to this dog log blog from my friends.

Sally Mae Signing Off

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