Miracle in Washington! April 26, 2011

Congress agreed on something.  The White House has turned purple.  We’ve paid off the national debt!  Yeah right.  That would be a miracle that would make even Moses stand up and take notice.  Parting of the Red Sea… Pah! 

The miracle that I am speaking of is a GREEN one (go figure).  Washington DC.  Nearly four years after residents rallied to turn a vacant lot on the corner of 13th & C Streets SE into a community park and garden, volunteers gathered to plant nine trees in the newly constructed space under the supervision of Casey Trees, a DC non-profit dedicated to “restoring, enhancing and protecting” the canopy of the nation’s capital. The ribbon-cutting that was to follow has been postponed due to weather until sometime in May or early June. Despite the drizzle, the event was an enormous success.

Once complete, the space will play host to a number of garden plots, a water feature, plenty of turf for enjoying the greenery and even a wall reserved for outdoor movie screenings. And, of course, the nine trees.

"Cville Go Green Fest"

     "Cville Go Green Fest"


But who provided the funding for this green edition to our nation’s capital?  Remember the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009?   Say it with me friends…INFRASTRUCTURE.  That’s what this ‘restoring, enhancing and protecting’ is called, amongst other things.  Billions of tax dollars were supposedly committed to assisting us through the recession.  There’s a photo below that prooves it!!!  Now THAT’S an Earth Day miracle!

To learn more about the park, visit the official site. The story behind this project is as inspiring as it is fascinating!   To read more about the process behind the magic, check out this interview with Rich Lukas, President of 13th Street Park and Community Garden. http://growninthecity.com/2011/03/5-questions-with-rich-lukas-starting-a-community-garden/

"DC Green Park"

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